Moni Siton Platinum - VIP luxury transportation brand

Wish to celebrate a birthday and treat the people you love with a memorable trip across the country? A delegation arrives from overseas and you are willing to treat them with excellent driving conditions? Moni Siton Platinum luxurious vehicles are here to give you a five-star experience.

Moni Siton Platinum is our luxury brand, a world-class transportation service. While all our high-level vehicles allow the passengers a pleasant and comfortable ride, Moni Siton Platinum experience is even beyond that, providing an outstanding conditions of luxury during each and every ride.

Our black-and-red buses have vast, extensive windows. The feeling given is more than just a sense of luxury - you are about to enter a meticulously sumptuous, impressive-looking vehicle, with comfortable, adjustable seats, beverage bar and a sophisticated sound and media system. All these accessories make each ride with Moni Siton a different, individual experience.

Our minibuses are intended for special trips for small groups who wish to want to get around comfortably from one place to another. They are in different sizes and consist of cutting-edge technology - all in order to give you a lovely driving experience.

We make sure to assign the appropriate drivers for each ride and that all our passengers are treated kindly and politely. Our team of dispatchers at Ben Gurion Airport branch will be happy to answer any questions, either in English or Hebrew and do their best to help groups of tourists and business people, to make their visit wonderfully unforgettable.

Hosting a group of foreign business people and wish to treat them with top VIP conditions? Contact us