About Us

Moni Siton Transportation provides transportation services nationwide since 1984.

The Company began its operation in Yavne and expanded during the years to become one of the biggest transportation companies in Israel with a significant market share. This was achieved by giving great importance to the customer comfort and safety feeling, the professional drivers and the maintenance of the vehicles.


The Company operates a fleet comprising 200 vehicles, of any size and for any purpose and designation, including taxis, minibuses, normal buses and luxury buses equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment. Our services provide solutions for all types of transportation, from regular transportation for institutional clients, through personal transportation, to VIP transportation.

Among our regulars: government ministries, Ministry of Defense, Israel Airports Authority, Port of Ashdod, Orbotech, Ministry of Education (transportations for kindergartens and schools), many local authorities, government and private companies (high-tech and industrial) and private customers.

NEW! Moni Siton Platinum – a premium brand designed for VIP transportations for VIPs in luxurious, equipped vehicles.

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